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QuanXing Zhang
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Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Mainly Experiences:
Feb.1993~Present Nanjing University Professor PHD supervisor
Jul.2004~Present Engineering Research Center for Organic Pollutants Control and Resources Reuse of Jiangsu Province Head
May.1994~ Aug.2005 : Nanjing University Institude of Environmental Sciences Deputy Director
Jun.1985~Feb.1993 Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical Design Institute Head
Sept.1962~Jun.1985 Nankai University Institute of polymer chemistry


Mainly Post:
1996~1999 : The 3rd Science & Technology Commission of Ministry of Education Department of Geoscience Committee member
1999~Present Academic Committee of Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of Environmental Engineering Chairman
1997~2002: The 36 Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China Professinal Committee of the Environmetal Protection Deputy Chairman
1997~2005: The 2nd and 3rd Academic Committee of State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Adsorption and Separation Committee member


Main area of study
Study of the Resin Adsorption Theory
Research and Development of new adsorptive resins
Development of new technologies of resin adsorption Organic wastewater


Main research achievements
Over the past decade, in the research area of the synthesis of environmental functional materials, treatment and recycling and reusing industrial wastewater,deeply purification of micropolluted water and development of clean production processes of chemical industry.,Mr ZHANG QuanXing published over 120 SCI papers, applied for State Office for Inventions more than 60 patents, 39 of which authorized. He has got the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the Second Prize of State Technological Invention Award and the Department of the provincial scientific and technological progress award two first prizes and two second-class, by Ho Leung Ho Lee Fund "Science and Technology Innovation Award" and the China Invention Association, "Venture Award for Invention," a top award of all; He established 44 demonstration projects for 36 enterprise in 11 provinces in China., which can treat over 300,000 tons of high-strength refractory organic wastewater every year.;reduce about 25,000 tons COD which caused by organic poison and recover about 70,000 tons of raw materials, the direct economic benefits can reach 150 million yuan.


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