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About Conference


Bio-based materials are one of the Chinese strategic emerging industries. The 13th Five-year Plan clearly proposed that its development should be focused. Bio-based materials in our country develop rapidly in recent years, maintaining an annual growth rate of around 20%. The total annual output has reached 6 million tons, and it is promising to double by 2020. Nowadays human living environment is worse and worse because of environmental pollution from petrochemical products. Bio-based materials are gradually becoming a new leading industry that leads the world's scientific, technological innovation and economic development for some advantages, such as environment-friendly, resource conservation and so on.

The "2017 International Technology and Application Conference on Bio-based Materials” focuses on the technology and application innovation with the theme of Green Matters.It involves “Green Chemicals”, “Green Package”, “Green Application” and other related fields, inviting internationally renowned experts, material enterprise in upstream and downstream of industry chain, manufacturing enterprise, and user enterprise (fast moving consumer goods, package transportation, catering trade) and building a communication platform of industry-academy-research. Mainly discuss recent policy trend, production technology, applying innovation and future development and promote the healthy, rapid development of bio-based materials.

II. Organization

Hosting Organizations: Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, CAS

                                               DT –Polymer

Co-Organization: Materials and Chemical Engineering Branch, National Academy of Sciences Alliance

Supporting Organization: China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association

                                               Technology Innovation Alliance of Biobased Materials Industry

                                              CAS Key Laboratory of Bio-based materials

Operating Organizations: Ningbo DT Research & Consulting CO., LTD.

III. Main Issues

Part One: Main Issue

  1. The macroscopic analysis of Bio-based materials
    • The global situation, policy, trend, market analysis of bio-based chemicals and materials
    • Explanation "13th Five-Year Plan" about bio-based materials
    • The global plastic-bag ban analysis and the influence on bio-based materials development
    • Explanation "13th Five-Year Plan" about Packaging industry
    • Testing, certification and licensing of European and American bio-carbon contents
    • Australian Packaging Convention: Sustainable packaging plan
  2. Research progress of Bio-based Materials
    • Commercialization and application progress of bio-based PET in global
    • Market analysis and application of PLA
    • Exploitation and commercial application progress of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)
    • Research progress of bio-based foaming polymer
    • Application of bio-plasticizer (vegetable oil, citric acid, sorbitol) in PVC
    • Industrial preparation and application progress of PLA polyol
    • Study and application progress of bio-flame retardant
  3. Application of Bio-based materials

3.1 Application in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

  • In preservative film, plastic bag and other related fields
  • Recent technology and application in beverage bottle
  • In packing box and outer packing
  • Application and development in environmental-friendly cup

3.2 Application in Packaging and transportation industry

  • Exploitation and application of environmental-friendly tape
  • Exploitation and application of green cushion material
  • Exploitation and application of green adhesive with low VOL and non-formaldehyde

3.3 Application in catering industry

  • Exploitation and application of new environmental-friendly lunch box
  • Exploitation and application of environmental-friendly cutlery and other dishware
  • Exploitation and application of environmental-friendly packing bag
  • Exploitation and application of environmental-friendly tray and cup

3.4 Application in other fields

  • Exploitation and application progress of PLA on agricultural film, bio-chemical and other fields
  • The application of bio-based materials on clothing industry
  • Exploitation and application progress of bio-based engineering plastic (PA, PC, PEF)
  • Exploitation and commercial application of bio-based materials in 3D print
  • Exploitation and application progress of CO2-based polymer
  • Exploitation and commercial application progress of starch-based materials (films, foaming, capsule)
  • Exploitation of bio-based elastomer and its application progress in automobile industry
  • Exploitation and application of bio-based thermosetting resin (epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester and so on)
  • Exploitation of bio-based composite and its application progress on automobile parts
  • Study and commercial progress of bio-based chemicals

4.1 Biological fermentation

  • Domestic and foreign latest technological progress and trends about chemicals on bio-chemical technology
  • Current study and development about synthesis of C1-C6 platform chemicals through biological fermentation
  • Development status and trends of twelve types of DOE bio-based platform compounds
  • Exploitation and commercial progress of bio-based platform compounds

4.2 Conversion of biomass

  • Refining technology progress of lignin, cellulose and other biomass in global
  • Exploitation and application of key technologies, catalyzer and equipment about bio-refining
  • Functional modification of cellulose, chitosan and other biomass polysaccharide
  • Exploitation and application of bio-fuel, such as bio-ethanol, bio-ethylene, bio-diesel oil, and so on.

Part Two: Business Activity

  • Entrepreneur Summit: leadership communication; share the latest industrial information; discuss the industry trends.
  • Project Matching: project matching home and abroad, welcome the project owners and investors to participating.
  • Investment promotion: collect the advanced technology achievement and high-quality enterprises from more 20 countries in the world.

Part Three: Social Activity

  1. A cocktail party before the conference and welcome banquets during the conference.
  2. Visit Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
  3. Visit Ningbo new materials science and technology city.

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